About Us

About Us

Started by  Directors & Founders Arun sir, Ravi sir , It’s a Residential cum Day Boarding Coaching Institute for IIT JEE ( Main & Advanced) & NEET Preparation.

we do not have any branch in Patna or any other city. Beware of others.

CRACK JEE/NEET is a small, transparent & dedicated system oriented towards results.

We felt the need of proper care, attention to students and smart work for facing challenges of IIT JEE & Medical preparation. This lead to the foundation of ‘CRACK JEE’ on 10 Feb. 2019. Later on Medical wing started in april 2020.

Our team is highly dedicated towards transforming lives of IIT JEE & Medical aspirants .

It’s a Residential cum Day  boarding institute. Students teaching, dining and living in the same building where they can interact with faculties and friends.  Those who want to come from their home they will have to give time here at 8 am-8pm.

 In nut shell it is a GURUKUL system.

Our Mission and Vision

Our Vision is to provide the best teaching environment so the students can become can become successful and serve the boon companions to raise a better world. We are a group of faculties working in a threeefold, aimed not only to benefit students, faculties, and industries, but also the community on a local, national and international level. We promote student’s scienctific speculation and action to meet the dynamic challenges of the nation. We believe in student’s hard work and teacher’s persistency in the classroom which ensures that the aspirants attain their desired ambition i.e. Cracking IIT-JEE.

To be a leading IIT JEE & Medical Exams training institution with significant impact on achieving goal and shaping our society.